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Professoral Insights π Nanette Besson - 360° brand analyses

π - philosophy

The importance of π

The key figure π describes the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is called Archimedes' constant and is 3.14 for every circle.

Professoral Insights π Nanette Besson - 360° Markenanalysen


The spheres of the communication circle are the levels of stakeholders, stories, areas and channels. The aim is to create the perfect 360° coordination of the spheres.

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Data based

We use public data, representative opinion research data, information provided by you and data collected ourselves, as well as all AI options to determine the spheres.

Professoral Insights π Nanette Besson - 360° Markenanalysen

π for brand communications

π describes a 360° approach to brand communication in which the components of communication are perfectly aligned with the brand identity.

Professoral Insights π Nanette Besson - 360° Markenanalysen


We operationalize your brand and link it to the characteristics, preferences and requirements of the communication spheres. This allows you to make a strategic decision about your 360° communication.


Output: Your π-brand analysis

You receive the results prepared as a professional design presentation or in your own GPT robot, with which you can research your data yourself - whatever suits your communication.

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"Values & Purpose are the new benchmarks." Nanette Besson

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