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Technology & Trend

The combination of AI-based tools such as individual GPTs or data extraction and visualization, in conjunction with human intelligence, offer the best way to combine knowledge with reason. Use trend research to design VR and AR concepts such as your own brand avatar.


Values & Purpose

Values are the new currency of communication, purpose is the goal. Authenticity and credibility, social norms and values represent the benchmarks. We operationalize these values and link them to your brand identity and your corporate purpose.


Professionalism & Science

Wise from experience. Our team offers you experienced human intelligence for each specific area. We offer a combination of over 25 years of professional PR and evaluation experience paired with scientific standards of empirical research. As a team, we develop the insights from analyzing the data and formulate recommendations for action - of course also in English.


Individuality & Performance

Every brand has its own power. The strategic alignment of communication with the specific brand identity enables you to achieve communication performance that secures your added value. The use of resources is kept cost-efficient through automated processes and AI.


"Our realities are constructs created by our perceptions, interpretations and communications." Paul Watzlawick


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